Tuesday, March 22, 2011

March Challenge - The Elements

Our theme this time is The Elements - Water, Fire, Wind and Earth. The required technique is using syringe or snakes when creating the design. The theme and technique were set by our January challenge winner Ghislaine of GS Creations. Here are the eight stunning submissions from our talented members. Enjoy and don't forget to vote! Please cast your vote on the right column; and if you post a comment, you will be automatically entered into our December blog giveaway. Poll will be close on April 4th.

The Tree - silver pendant with tsavorite by Esmeralda of SilverBlueberry. The tree is one of our most powerful symbols representing Mother Earth, life, growth, stability and natural beauty. When faced with a team challenge from the MetalClayHeads team, where we had to make a piece of jewelry representing one or more of the elements (fire, water, earth and wind) I wanted to make a tree right away. Nothing represents 'earth' better than a tree.

Silver Ocean Waves Necklace by Rain of Rainjewelry. This fine silver barrel and tag pendant evokes the motion and fluidity of ocean water. I used syringe and snakes to make the swirly ocean look.I also used fire opals in the necklace so I guess it could be water and fire.

Wind pendant by Jennifer of JKistlerStudios. My element of choice was wind, on a stormy day. The wind was made using the syringe.

Copper Landscape Bracelet by Deb of PrairieMudStudio. This copper bracelet combines both earth and air elements as a tribute to wind energy as a new important "crop" in the rural Midwest. A landscape of modern wind turbines and the necessary gusts that move them contrasts with a subtle background texture created by cornhusks. It is part of the Cornstalk Series that was inspired by the rural landscape and my farming heritage.

Earth Goddess Amulet with Blue Sapphire Gemstone by Kathy of YorkAvenueStudio. I hand forged this pure silver pendant as a graceful feminine symbol of The Earth Goddess. Goddess Symbols can be seen throughout several beliefs and representations of the Elements, however, the most apparent aspect of the Goddess is the Earth Goddess. Her round belly represents motherhood and the fruits of nature. Her up stretched arms are holding a circle which represents the full moon. Her flowing locks of hair are made with the “snakes” technique and flow into spirals.

4 Elements pendant by Anise of Seavbeach. This piece reflects all four elements, air, fire, earth and water and the center within that brings it all together.

The Sun shines through the Rain fine silver necklace by Jennifer of Envydesignsjewelry. This piece was inspired by a favorite song by the rock band Cinderella, and was created for the Metal Clay Heads March challenge. The sun is shining through a rain drop, peeking out, wanting to come out.......
For this piece I rolled out a snake from the metal clay, shaped it into the rain drop, and let it dry. I then added the sun by using 5 layers of syringe clay. I filled in any gaps with more syringe clay and then sanded and filed till it was smooth. After everything was dry I added the sapphires, and a light blue spinel.

Silver Heart Pendant by Janie of Lifeartdesigns. A handcrafted fine silver heart shaped pendant with two silver scrolls and a smaller inset open heart in the center.

Monday, March 21, 2011

March 2011 Challenge Poll - Technical

This poll is for MCHs members only. Please one vote per member. Thanks!

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