Sunday, May 31, 2015

Congrats to our Add Some Color/Enameling Challenge Winner Carrie!

We're so glad to announce we've a winner for our Add Some Color/Enameling Challenge -

Shelyn's Holy Symbol from CarrieMichael

Carrie's first attempt at a champleve finish with enamel won our hearts! The vote results are 50% of popular vote and 75% of technical vote (by the MCHs). Carrie won the bragging rights of being the Queen of Coloring Metal Clay Art 2015!

Thanks to all the talents who participated and all who made their votes. We will have another challenge soon so please stay tuned!

Sunday, May 3, 2015

MCHs Team Challenge: Add some color/enameling challenge

Welcome! This time we challenged our Metal Clay Heads to add color or enamel their work. Member can use alcohol inks, ceramic/glass paints, enamel, resin, epoxy or colored pencil. The style or design is completely open. As is the metal. The possibilities are simply endless. 

These are the fabulous, handmade entries.

1) Rag-A-Dolly Necklace from YorkAvenueStudio

Little girl necklace is 1.25 inches. Kathy named her Rag-A-Dolly because through all the steps to design and enamel her, that was what was going around in her mind. This project was specifically intended to push Kathy to try enamel and learn something new. View more pictures here.

Check out Kathy's creation here.

2) Ginkgo and Lizard Necklace from LynnCobb

Lynn used enamel powders and pmc3 combined to make slurry, molded, kiln fired on pmc3 a ginkgo leaf. View more pictures here.

Check out Lynn's creation here.

3) Shelyn's Holy Symbol from CarrieMichael

This is Carrie's first attempt at a champleve finish with enamel, and using 24K gold foil with silver so that warm colors won't react and turn brown. View more pictures here.

Check out Carrie's creation here.

4) Leaf Earrings from Envydesignsjewelry

Jennifer used alcohol inks on her design this time to achieve the vibrant colors on metal clay.

Check out Jennifer's creation here.

Please vote using the Poll to the right.  Share this post with anyone that might not otherwise know about the Challenge.  The Poll is open to the public.  Any comments are welcome! 

Don't forget to check out the Artist's work as well by clicking on their name/shop name! Enjoy!

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