Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Congrats to Linda M. who won our November Blog Giveaway!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you! I'm sure our lucky winner Linda M. (llhm) will have a good holiday as well since she won our November blog giveaway! Here are the prizes Linda is getting:

Thanks to everyone who had participated! Our feature artist Kathy McDonald beautiful handmade collections can be reviewed here. Please stay tuned for our December feature.

Friday, November 7, 2014

That magical connection of human hand, earth, and fire -- Kathy McDonald

Welcome! Our November’s feature artist is Kathy McDonald, a Canadian ceramic and jewelry artist who operates WillowTree Design near Brandon Manitoba.

This is what she says of her journey after several decades of art and craft.

A little bit about me: I live in Manitoba Canada and have operated WillowTree Pottery here for more than 25 years. My training is in psychology and education. I owe my pottery skills to many potters, jewelry artists and mentors, students, and workshops that I've been part of over the years. Clay has been a wonderful muse for me for these decades.

Pottery Chip and Dip Platter by Kathy McDonald

I think it is that magical connection of human hand, earth, and fire that has been entrancing people for centuries that draws me to the process and keeps me wanting to learn more and more.

I particularly like the diversity of combining my work as a potter with work in the metals and metal clays. They overlap and often one inspires or supplements ideas for the other. 

My most recent endeavors have included a series of wheel thrown fairy garden lanterns and sculptures and some new designs created with silver clay and gemstones.

The giveaway this month will feature one of each:

Fairy House by Kathy McDonald

This charming handcrafted stoneware fairy house will please even the most discerning woodland creatures that inhabit your garden. Each house is unique and has it's own special personality.

The silver piece is a hand sculpted leaf with a 3 mm topaz. Ten grams of clay, it is made from PMC 360. Comes with an oxidized sterling 1 mm chain. Value at $75.

Here are the rules to enter the MCHs blog giveaway:

Every person is eligible to enter the blog giveaway with up to FOUR (4) entries. How can you get an entry? You can do any of the following and then let us know that by leaving a comment here so we can keep track.
  1. Follow our blog = 1 entry
  2. Check out featured artist and post favorite piece on the blog = 1 entry
  3. Heart featured artist’s shop = 1 entry
  4. Follow featured artist on Facebook = 1 entry
  5. Make a purchase = 2 entries
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  7. Tweet about the giveaway using key word metalclayheads = 1 entry
  8. Share the Metal Clay Heads blog giveaway link on FB (Go to http://www.facebook.com/MetalClayHeadsTeam and click Share) = 1 entry
The giveaway will run for two weeks. We will announce the winner the week of 24th. Good luck!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

October Blog Giveaway result is here! And the winner is ...


Congrats to Bethany who won! Thanks to everyone who has entered the giveaway. In the meantime please continue to admire our October featured artist Anna Siivonen's amazing creations here.