1. I am devastated to say that I completely ruined my very first piece! I melted it. I was using a gas stove, and using low-fire ACS 650..and I'm wondering if it's safe to say I either had it too hot, or had the piece on too long? Any helpful tips?

  2. I've torch fired and stovetop fired. When you stovetop fire you have metal mesh on the burner. I turn it on so that the flame hits the mesh at a glow. I try to remember where the glow was on the mesh so that I can place my piece on top of the red glow. You notice the burn off of your binder when it smokes. Once it burns off then you need to watch it. It needs to turn to an orange glow. The flame shouldn't be higher than the metal mesh. If the flame is too high that might be what happened to your piece. If the item that you are firing turns shiney silver like mercury pull it away before it melts.
    Do you have a picture of the item you fired? It might be salvageable.
    Good luck!