Monday, July 12, 2010

Challenge: Patriotism

The Metal Clay Heads team has a challenge every other month, to foster creativity and to encourage us to try new things.  Each challenge is chosen by the winner of the previous challenge.  Janie from LifeArtDesigns was our winner last time and she has chosen "Patriotism" as our theme this time.  Below are the entries.  Please vote on the voter to the right.  Voting will be open until July 22 at midnight, EST.  The winner will be announced the next day.   Also, commenting on this blog will give you an entry in our first ever giveaway next month!

The entries are:

Scales of Justice by Jennifer of Envy Designs Jewelry
The scales of justice usually held by the goddess Themis, or Lady justice. I have to thank my husband for this idea.

 North America by Ghislaine of GS Creations:
My July challenge piece. Since I am Canadian and I live in the U.S. and my son is both Canadian and American I decided to honor both countries.  I created this fine silver pendant with the maple leaf representing Canada and the Stars for the U.S.

Memory of Holland by Esmerelda of SilverBlueberry
It has part of a Dutch poem that for me is Holland more than anything else.  I added red, white and blue (rubies, quartz and sapphires in the front, freshwater pearls in the back) for our flag color.  The translation of these first sentences is:

Thinking of Holland
I see wide-flowing rivers
slowly traversing
infinite plains,

It's written by H. Marsman

Remember September 11 by Tammi of My Brown Wren
This is my third try at the Etsy Metal Clay Heads July Challenge on Patriotism.  It is an artistic rendition of the Twin Towers.

I Heart my Country by Betty of FacciaFelice
This is the piece I designed for the Metal Clay Heads Team Bi-Monthly challenge Patriotism.
I used the signature red, white and blue colors on a fine silver heart to express my love to my country.
The star is the state where I'm living in now - California.

Patriotism and Hope by Anise of SeavBeach Designs
This one of a kind piece was created for my MetalClayheads Team Challenge. The theme being patriotism. Having grown up in a military family, there was no question as to what patriotism meant to me.

American Flag Earrings by Erin of Heartsabustin

Lady Liberty by  Patsy of OxOriginalArtJewelry

Polish Coin Necklace by Terri of Nineteen Thirteen
One clear cubic zirconia and one red lab corundum garnet have been added to the bail to represent the Polish flag. The words "SUPA DUPA" have been added to the back...this can either represent "Super Duper" or "Nice Butt" which is my very loose interpretation of a Polish saying my grandmother used to repeat!

America the Beautiful by Lisa of Willow and Me Jewelry
This pin was made for my Metal Clay Heads team challenge.  The challenge was to make something patriotic. The first thing I thought of wasn't the flag or the national anthem, but the song all Americans learn in grade school: "America the Beautiful".

Please vote on the gadget to the right and comment below if you would like an entry into our first ever giveaway next month!

A note about the photos.  Some of the pieces are listed in the artist's shop, while others are not.  Where they are, they were linked to the shop and can be found by clicking on the photo.  The others were taken from their uploads to the Metal Clay Heads group on Flickr.  They, along with alternate views of the items, can be seen here.


  1. Those all are so wonderful! I was on vacation in Santa Fe and couldn't get in the challenge.

  2. I love everything...can't decide on my favorite..

  3. I voted and I must say that they are all gorgeous! It was a tough decision!

  4. So many gorgeous pieces, I feel mean just choosing one!

  5. Great pieces..especially "I Heart My Country"

  6. Wow .. these are all beautiful .. "I Heart My Country" is really exceptional!!