Monday, November 8, 2010

November Challenge - New Beginnings

Every other month, we challenge our members to think outside of the box and create a unique metal clay piece. This month challenge is "New Beginnings" chosen by last challenge winner Ghislaine of GSCreations. The followings are artistic expression and interpretation of the theme by our members.

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New Beginnings Pendant by Mybrownwren

This cross represents new beginnings in my work and in my life. The embellishments are made with pmc paper - a process that I just recently attempted at my PMC certification class. [more]

Closeness Pendant by

A new beginning - innocence to maturity and the close bond that bind them.

New Beginnings Bracelet by SilverBlueberry

New beginnings was interpreted as supernovae, old stars that explode to generate new ones. The supernovae shown are painted after real examples. [more...]

Growth Pendant by Sophistiquejewelry

Meg says, "I feel the image of a tiny fern just beginning to unravel fits the theme of "New Beginnings" perfectly. It's also a nice reminder that Spring will come again, something to hold us through the winter ahead. :)"

Phoenix from the Ashes Pendant by Envydesignsjewelry

The phoenix rises from the ashes to be reborn again and again. A constant cycle of renewal. [more...]

New Beginnings Pendant by SilverSirenDesignS

It is a miniature copy of a statue I got for my husband the first year we met. We went to a lot of art fairs and rock & gems shows and these African couple statues were every where. That year was the beginning of a new life for me and when I wear it, I can remember to make each day a day for renewed love.

Twig and Buds Earrings by FaccaFelice

Buds are the symbol of new start, a new beginning. These twig and buds earrings represent hope. [more...]


  1. Wow, amazing entries everybody! so hard to pick a favorite! :)

  2. Good job! I too am having difficulty picking a winner.

  3. Beautiful work again! Hard to pick just one.

  4. I voted! Love the thoughts behind your work.

  5. Silversirens - I lived in Senegal where they make these and this is just a lovely interpretation - well done!

  6. That was tough, but I voted. Great work!

  7. Good job you all, these are all wonderful pieces!

  8. voted :)

    such gorgeous entries :)

  9. Once again, a tough vote. Great work everyone!

  10. Wonderful work everyone! It's so hard to choose..

  11. These are so awesome ---i had a hard time choosing....great job guys

  12. Wonderful work! I voted with difficulty.