Monday, April 30, 2012

Metal Clay Syringe Holder

Hi Metal Clay fans! I am Jennifer, a Metal Clay Head, and I will be bringing you reviews of metal clay tools and gadgets! 

I wanted to start with some of my favorite tools first. So I bring you Linda's Lid.

A fantastic tool for those of you who, like me, have to have several syringes available at all times. This particular tool was invented to keep your syringes moist and available by Linda Stiles Smith, a fantastic pioneer in the metal clay world.. I can't thank her enough.

I was turned on to this wonderful gadget by the woman who taught and certified me in ArtClay, Lisa Kwaske.

The cup holds up to 4 syringes at a time, so you can have all the available sizes handy. When not using all 4 holes, there are these little cork stoppers to prevent water evaporation. You fill the container with distilled water up to the bottom of the syringe tip, to keep your syringes from drying out.

The only con, that I can think of, is that if you do not use your syringes all the time, they can wick some water up into your syringes. This is easily remedied however, by pushing out said water into your slip jar until you start the flow of metal clay. 

Sold right on Etsy by Linda herself, this product is incredibly affordable at $15.95! You can also purchase this (and other fun tools) from Linda on her

Thank you and happy claying! More reviews coming soon.....

Stop by and see me on Etsy,


  1. Jennifer, I love this! More clay friendly than a tiny jar that evaporates the water after time. Thx!

  2. This would be a really handy tool.
    thx for telling us about it.

  3. It's the one thing I hate about syringes is the constant rmembering to fill up the mug I keep them in with water, I'll have to have a look for one of these - thanks Jennifer.

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