Monday, September 21, 2015

MCHs Team Challenge: Fan-fiction Challenge

Welcome back to our team challenge. This time we challenge our team members to created a piece of metal clay art inspired by a book, movie, music or TV-series. We have received four wonderful submissions from our super-talented MCHs.

1) Divergent Movie Inspired Soaring Bird Silhouette Necklace by YorkAvenueStudio

Divergent necklace with soaring bird silhouette in Bronze with gold filled chain. The movie Divergent tells a story of people who live in a world where everyone is divided into groups, labeled by their function in society in order to keep the peace. Divergents do not fit just one group, and have creative minds adapting far better and faster than most, which makes them "uncontrollable" by authorities enforcing their rules.

Check out Kathy's creation here.

2)  Fan Art Silver Pendant by MostlyStoneware

Inspired by shields and GOT, specifically the Greyjoys

Check out Kathy's creation here.

3) Handmade Dragon Eye Pendant Game of Thrones by TheSinteredArtist

Handmade White Copper with Copper accents Dragon Eye Pendant. Hand sculpted metal clay is fired in a kiln to produce a solid metal piece of jewelry.

Check out Anise's creation here.

4) Hobbit mailbox by Envydesignsjewelry

Hobbit mailbox handmade in silver with a really cool rainbow patina.

Check out Jennifer's creation here.

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 Don't forget to check out the Artist's work as well by clicking on their name/shop name! Enjoy!