Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Meet our Members: Heartsabustin


Okay, my name is Erin. I'm in Wilmington, NC, near Seavbeach, and I am married with two boys and two dogs. I just started working with ArtClay Silver this past January, and I LOVE it. Totally addicted. I torch fire, and I've done almost every stupid thing imaginable, so if you need help, lemme know. LOL I'm not anything cool - I have no certifications or anything like that. I'm just a SAHM that LOVES to create and Etsy is my way of making money to support my various hobbies.

If you see a crazy lady named 1mADwoman come on here with a purse for an avatar, that's me, too. I pop in and out both ways, so you can call me mad or hearts or Erin - I really don't care. ROFLOL

Note to our members, if  you would like your mini-bio on the blog but haven't submitted it yet, convo it to Lisa at willowandme.  Thanks!

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