Monday, June 28, 2010

Meet our Members: Silver Blueberry

Silver Blueberry:

My name is Esmeralda, I am Dutch living in Sweden with my Swedish boyfriend and two cats. My science career brought me to Sweden, where I obviously got stuck. We live in a small house in a rural suburb just outside Stockholm and our garden is frequently visited by deer, foxes, hares, and moose. Nature is so important here in Sweden and it's my biggest inspiration. I am also a vegetarian and I have a deep concern for the environment.

I am still a full time scientist but I discovered metal clay just over a year ago and was hooked right away. Since then I have also discovered the joys of metalsmithing and try now to combine the two techniques to the best of my abilities. My dream is to make jewelry fulltime, keep goats and chickens and live a quiet life.

Note to our members, if  you would like your mini-bio on the blog but haven't submitted it yet, convo it to Lisa at willowandme.  Thanks!

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  1. What a cute leaf pendant, I love how it's paired with the wire-wrapped pendant. Sweet.